Thanks for stopping by the blog! My name is Shane Scott, and I live and preach in the greater Tampa area (Valrico, Florida). If you would like to drop by my congregation’s website for sermons and Bible classes, just click here.

I am amazingly blessed to be married to my wife, Kristi. We both waited until much later in life to get married, so we are still newlyweds! She is battling Stage 4 metastatic colo-rectal cancer, so if you are the praying sort, we covet your prayers.

Kristi and I both grew up in classic small-town America. She was raised in Rochelle, Illinois, and I was raised in Winchester, Kentucky. While she is not a huge sports fan, Kristi can tell you everything you could ever want to know about the 1985 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears! As a native of central Kentucky, I am a passionate member of Big Blue Nation, avidly cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats.

Some of my other interests are old time pro wrestling (much to Kristi’s chagrin) and barbershop quartet singing (to which she is much more accommodating!). And sadly, it is a rare month that I don’t insert a quote from the Star Wars saga into one of my sermons or Bible studies!

Religiously, I come from a restorationist background, and I believe that every disciple of Jesus has the duty to adhere to what the apostles taught “from the beginning,” as John puts it (1 John 2:24). Philosophically, I have recently become a big fan of Thomas Aquinas. His model of synthesizing the best that reason can apprehend with the careful exposition of Scripture is one I seek to emulate. Politically, I am a little “c” conservative and deeply concerned at our culture’s loss of what Russell Kirk called “the permanent things.”

Well, that gives you a little idea of where I’m coming from. Blogging is a great way to meet others and to learn from them, and I look forward to learning from you as we think through faith together.