Here are some links from the past week that you might find interesting:

I Would Love to Crush a Chord in this Concert Hall! Or at least hear someone else perform!

Good News for Bible Thumpers Like Me. Turns out that actually believing in something is good for a church. Who would have ever thought? (Answer: God.)

Another Example of Rising Antisemitism. A German court inexplicably dismissed an act of arson against a synagogue as a protest against Israeli policy. I am a fierce critic of Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party, but arson is not a policy protest. It is an act of hatred, and an example of the growing antisemitism throughout Europe.

My Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week.  Although it strikes uncomfortably home!

Rogue One: A Classic Story of Friendship. One of the priorities I think we face as Christians today in our culture is the recovery of close friendships between singles. Rogue One features such a friendship (spoilers ahead!).

Vader Redivivus. Speaking of the Star Wars saga, have you seen this theory about Episode 8?

My Second-Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week! Everyone knows a guy like this.

The Tragic Ending of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Wrestling fans who are my age will never forget seeing (on the evening news!) the footage of Jimmy Snuka diving off of the top of the cage in Madison Square Garden against Bob Backlund. Unfortunately, like a lot of wrestlers, Snuka’s personal life was a mess. Unable to stand trial due to dementia for the killing of his girlfriend, he passed away this week from cancer.

My Hopes for the Trump Administration. One of my favorite columnists, Michael Brendan Dougherty at The Week, expresses my thoughts about the incoming administration.

Lots of Hot Air. The American Conservative columnist Rod Dreher discusses Exxon’s dishonest denial of climate change and the frustrating limits of what we can do to stem the time of global warming.