Using Google Calendar More Effectively. Some great tips for you Google Calendar people.

How Editing the Work of Others Makes You a Better Writer. After three weeks of blogging I can say that WRITING IS HARD!

Make Social Media Your Servant, Not Your Master. Some suggestions for controlling social media rather than it controlling you.

Possible New Health Care Legislation. Ross Douthat examines a new (or improved) health care proposal.

Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week! The line between satire and reality is increasingly thin.

Bad News on the Long Term Budget Picture. Sobering analysis from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

The Agrarian vs Urban Divide. Classical historian Victor Davis Hanson looks at the 2016 through the lens of his study of ancient agrarian society (HT: Amy Norris).

BAM! A great feature piece on Kentucky’s Bam Adebayo and his fantastic mother.

Best/Worst Flop Ever. Speaking of college basketball, check out this flop by Oregon’s Dillon Brooks.

Star Spangled Barbershop. Speaking of basketball, five years ago my quartet, Lunch Break, sang the national anthem at an Orlando Magic basketball game.