A little bit of tech stuff, some awesome singing, and professional wrestling – this week’s favorites have a little of everything!

Making the Most of Copy and Paste! Some tips for being more efficient on the keyboard.

My Favorite Babylon Bee This Week!

Media Bias Just Isn’t in Politics. It happens in college basketball as well.

Origins of the New Testament Canon. Dr. Kruger is one of the best writers on this topic.

Passing of Wrestling Icon #1. George “The Animal” Steele passed away this week. He was a cartoonish figure in his later years, but he was a feared heel in the old days.

Passing of Wrestling Icon #2. The “Russian Bear,” Ivan Koloff, also died last week. It was Koloff who was chosen to take the belt from Bruno Sammartino after Bruno’s eight-year run with the belt.

Pro Wrestling Is Tough Business. My friend Randy Loos sent me this link about the rigors of the business and the early retirement of so many stars.

Link Shorteners. If you pass on lots of links on social media, especially Twitter, then this article will be helpful.

Cleaner Computer Desktop. My real desktop and my computer desktop are both cluttered, so maybe this will help!

Some Musical Ear Candy! My friends in Signature quartet perform an amazing rendition of “At Last.”