It’s a great weekend for college basketball fans and pro wrestling fans! Here are some links to pass the time until the games and the matches begin.

Will North Carolina Get to Keep Its Championship If It Wins? UNC is under a major NCAA investigation for systemic academic corruption in its athletic programs. If UNC wins (which is what I picked in my bracket), I doubt they will get to keep this championship.

Lessons from the Disastrous GOP Health Care Vote. For all of its faults, the ACA has been a blessing to many people (including my wife). I am skeptical that the current dysfunctional GOP can pass a replacement.

The Shameful Attacks on Mike Pence. I applaud Mike Pence’s approach to protecting the sanctity of his marriage, and urge Christian men to take the same precautions.

Best Apps for Sending Money. I just had to use one of these this week!

This Babylon Bee Hits Too Close to Home!

An Ancient Heresy and Its Modern Consequences.

Uses for Gmail Beyond Email. Where would we be without Google?

Best Wrestlemania Match of All Time? I still say Savage vs Steamboat in III!

Use Adobe Spark for Social Media Graphics!

Some Great Music from a Great Family! Check out this performance from Power Play (a dad, two sons, and a nephew) 13 years after they won the International Barbershop Contest.