Those of us born and raised in Kentucky love this weekend since it is Kentucky Derby time! Here are ten links that you can be sure will win, place, or show!

Regarding the Executive Order issued by the President yesterday, here are several critical commentaries:

Ryan T. Anderson explains why the order failed to protect any freedoms that are actually at stake.

David French shows that the order (ineffectually) targeted an obscure statute no one cares about while doing nothing regarding the issues most churches, colleges, hospitals, and businesses are actually concerned about.

The ACLU Put It Best – the order was “an elaborate photo-op with no discernible policy outcome”

The Dark Ages Are Here. David Brooks laments the decline of western civilization.

The Self-Destruction of Identity Politics. Speaking of the decline of western civilization…

Why Language Is Unique to Humans. Review of a recent work by Noam Chomsky and Robert Berwick which argues that complex language requires rationality that only human beings possess.

Interested in Switching to Apple from Android? Here’s how.

Babylon Bee Takes on College Protestors!

The Cost of the Trump Tax Plan. Deficits, shmeficits.

Bing and Satchmo! Watch two of the greatest musicians ever doing their thing.