Here are some cool links to browse through this weekend! And Happy Memorial Day!

JD Vance Interview. Great interview of the author of Hillbilly Elegy, which I reviewed this week.

Muslims Reported the Manchester Terrorist. Muslim associates of the Manchester bomber tried to warn the authorities, but no one paid attention.

Best Apps for Reading the News.

Trumpism without Trump in the UK. Theresa May shows how to challenge the status quo with savvy and sense.

Diversity and Tolerance, Yale Style. A damning documentary on the death of a great university.

Speaking of Which. Yale has honored the students who led the mob featured in the above story.

The Babylon Bee Skewers the Saudi Arms Sale!

You Are You Picking in the NBA Finals? I’m taking Golden State in 5.

If You Like Dave Ramsey, You Will LOVE This Bee!

Awesome Harmony! Enjoy this song from my friends in Forefront, the 2016 International Champions of Barbershop.