As I wrap up the first year of the blog, I thought I would share the Top Ten most viewed posts. It always interests me what interests you, and this is quite a diverse list of posts. Thanks again for dropping by so often! Here’s wishing you every good blessing from God this coming year.


10. Giving Thanks for Cancer? As my wife battles cancer, I’ve often wrestled with the biblical admonition to “give thanks for everything.” Here is my best take on that admonition.

9. A Second Look at Mike Pence’s “Rule” In light of the numerous stories about sexual misconduct that emerged this year, Pence’s rule against socializing in private with women other than his wife looks pretty good.

8. Christ Is All, and In All Back in May I preached for a remarkable congregation in Chillicothe, OH, and I just had to share what I saw there.

7. How Do You Define “Marriage”? I argued for the organic definition of marriage as the union of a man and woman in contrast to the incoherent approach that defines marriage synthetically.

6. In Sickness and In Health Many of you commented at how moved you were by the simple act of kindness I witnessed between a husband and his ailing wife. I was, too!

5. “The Dangers of Sophistication” in Barbershop Music and Worship Music My primary hobby is singing barbershop-style music, so I thought I would discuss an issue that affects that world and also the world of hymnody. Music that is inaccessible to the average singer is not healthy for churches, or for barbershop.

4. The Degrading Plague of Pornography The great modern menace of purity.

3. Eulogy for the Obama Presidency I shared this link with CBS sports writer Seth Davis on Twitter, and he re-tweeted it to his followers, garnering lots of feedback.

2. Hugh Hefner, the Vegas Shooter, and the Meaning of “Judge Not” Jesus’ instruction to “judge not” is the most misunderstood command in the gospels. And really, everyone believes in judging immoral behavior – the only real issue is what constitutes immorality.

And, the most viewed post of 2017 was…

  1. Speaking Up for Tamar I was completely caught off guard by the reaction to this post. The fact that it was viewed so widely must mean that the problem of sexual abuse is FAR more common than I ever imagined. It was heartbreaking to read private message after private message from people whose lives have been forever changed by sexual abuse. Perhaps one good thing to come from the rash of stories about sexual misconduct is the willingness of victims to speak out, and the compassion of those around them to show support at such a vulnerable time in their life.