Rapture Theology – The Underlying Cause of Mistaken End-of-the-World Predictions

Last Saturday we were supposed to witness cataclysms signaling the start of various end-time events according to a writer named David Meade. This did not happen. When such predictions fail, the errant prophets usually try to cover their tracks by redefining what sort of events actually took place (“the signs were spiritual, not literal”), or they hedge on the certainty of their predictions (“I only said it was possible this would happen”), or they admit a slight error in their calculations and produce a new date (“the terminal generation began in 1967, not 1948”).

But underlying virtually all of these sorts of predictions is a novel theory about God’s plan for the end, a doctrine known as the rapture. In this post I want to explain what the rapture theory is, why it leads to such predictions, and why it is unfounded in Scripture. Continue reading

Does the Bible Predict When the World Will End?

According to the calculations of a writer named David Meade, several prophetic passages from Scripture point to the impending destruction of the earth by a planet called Planet X (or Nibiru). Technically, Meade says that there will be signs from heaven on September 23, but that the “great tribulation” marking the beginning of the end will likely take place on October 15. You can learn more (and see the other conspiracy theories he holds) by checking out his website. Continue reading

The Millennial Mistake

The Angel Binding Satan, by Philip James de Loutherbourg 1797

In Revelation 20:1-6 John describes a period in which saints live and reign with Christ for a thousand years, the millennium. Given the wide popularity of the theological system known as premillennialism, you would think that the millennium was mentioned time and again in Scripture. Actually, these six verses in Revelation are the only verses in the Bible that speak explicitly of a thousand year period.

However, proponents of premillennialism (the notion that Jesus will return to earth before – pre – the millennium and reign a thousand years on earth) argue that many other passages in Scripture do speak of the millennium. My purpose in this post is to show that the passages often used in support of premillennialism are misapplied. Continue reading