St. Paddy’s Day Friday Favorites!

So much good stuff this week! But before I begin my list of favorite links, here is a special commercial message. Some time ago I told you about a fantastic company that is producing amazing, high quality videos of the land of the Bible. The folks at Appian Way are raising funds to complete this project. Check them out and consider helping them with this effort.

Now, to this week’s links!

How to Jump from a Speeding Car. You never know when this might be handy!

A Perspective on Worship vs Performance. Great thoughts that track along with a piece I recently wrote.

The GOP Health Care Plan. These numbers don’t look good, especially to those of us on the ACA plan.

Bobby Knight’s Sad Legacy. Hate can destroy a person.

My Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week!

Need Help Managing Passwords? Check this link out.

Follow-Up to the Debacle at Middlebury College. I am heartened to see more and more academics from a liberal perspective stand up to the intolerant social justice warrior crowd.

Heartwarming March Madness Story. Read this great piece about the Michigan Wolverine’s dramatic run to the Big Ten Tourney title.

Weekly Communion. This Baptist writer’s take on weekly communion is worthy of consideration (it also happens to be what I think the Bible teaches).

St. Paddy’s Day Music Special! Enjoy the Acoustix quartet’s version of “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover.” This is a clip from their gold-medal winning performance in the 1990 international competition.


Friday Favorites for March 10, 2017

It’s March Madness time, so I have a few links about basketball among my favorites for the week.

College Basketball Managers. I was a manager in high school, so I have always been interested in stories that feature them.

Unlikely Friends. It is possible for liberals and conservatives to be friends – if they will work at it.

Looking for a Good Scanning App?

Most Underrated NBA Legend Ever? Check out the stats on Dirk Nowitzki!

Israel Lurches Further Into Extremism. The right-wing coalition in Israel is destroying one of the rare democracies in the Middle East.

Bohemian Rhapsody Like You’ve Never Heard Before! This is really awesome!

Heroin Is Killing More Than Crack Ever Did. This is a crisis.

My Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week!

Nobody Likes the New House Health Care Bill. Here’s why.

Smile. Here’s a clip of a international championship quartet called Nightlife singing a beautiful arrangement of Charlie Chaplin’s most famous song. The baritone, Jeff Baker, just passed away a few days ago. Go with God my friend.

Friday Favorites for March 3, 2017

Here are some of the most interesting and helpful links from the past week.

Colorectal Cancer Warning Signs. Many people – including an increasingly younger segment of the population – are battling this disease like my wife. Take these warning signs seriously!

My Second Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week!

Incredible Last-Second Win! Check out the story behind Northwestern’s dramatic victory over Michigan at the buzzer.

Thinking About Leaving Social Media? Here’s how to save all of your data if you decide to go off-line.

President Trump’s SOTU Speech. Good thoughts by one of my favorite commentators.

Faith Alone Allegiance Alone. A promising new book about the meaning of trusting in Jesus.

Great Story About a UK Fan. Kentucky isn’t the only school that generates this sort of passionate loyalty, but this was a well-written story.

Going to See The Shack? Here’s a review of the novel from a few years back by one of my favorite theologians.

My Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week!

Til I Hear You Sing. Watch my friends in Instant Classic perform this beautiful song!

Friday Favorites for February 24, 2017

A little bit of tech stuff, some awesome singing, and professional wrestling – this week’s favorites have a little of everything!

Making the Most of Copy and Paste! Some tips for being more efficient on the keyboard.

My Favorite Babylon Bee This Week!

Media Bias Just Isn’t in Politics. It happens in college basketball as well.

Origins of the New Testament Canon. Dr. Kruger is one of the best writers on this topic.

Passing of Wrestling Icon #1. George “The Animal” Steele passed away this week. He was a cartoonish figure in his later years, but he was a feared heel in the old days.

Passing of Wrestling Icon #2. The “Russian Bear,” Ivan Koloff, also died last week. It was Koloff who was chosen to take the belt from Bruno Sammartino after Bruno’s eight-year run with the belt.

Pro Wrestling Is Tough Business. My friend Randy Loos sent me this link about the rigors of the business and the early retirement of so many stars.

Link Shorteners. If you pass on lots of links on social media, especially Twitter, then this article will be helpful.

Cleaner Computer Desktop. My real desktop and my computer desktop are both cluttered, so maybe this will help!

Some Musical Ear Candy! My friends in Signature quartet perform an amazing rendition of “At Last.”


Friday Favorites – February 17, 2017

Here are some cool links I thought I would pass along.

Love, Marriage, and the Movies. A critical look at La La Land and the latest Fifty Shades debacle.

Computer Slowing Down? Check this article out for some possible solutions.

Can the Trump Presidency be Saved from Trump? I doubt it – if you can’t govern yourself, you can’t govern a country.

Homemade Pre-Shave Oil. If you are like me and have sensitive skin and tough whiskers, try this recipe. I have and it works wonders!

My Second-Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week!

NCAA Tourney Seeds Revealed. The NCAA is releasing the top 16 seeds ahead of the tourney, evaluating them each week. I love this transparency!

“Love Wins” by Crushing Rights. Rod Dreher on the travesty taking place in Washington state, as the state supreme court rules against a Christian florist.

Chaos in the Administration. Another Rod Dreher column, this time on the chaotic national security team of the Trump administration.

My Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week! 

Louis Armstrong in Action. For my musical selection this week, here’s my favorite all-time performer getting it done!


Friday Favorites for February 10

First off, my apologies for not blogging this week. I was hit hard by a cold that has just started to ease up a bit. But as your dutiful blogger, I have kept on the outlook for cool links to share!

Take Control of Facebook. Social media is overwhelming, so any tips on using shortcuts is worth the read!

A New Bible Map Viewer. Check out this new way to locate biblical sites.

Disturbing New Settlement Laws in Israel. If the US desires Israel to be a truly democratic ally, we need to call out  Netanyahu on stuff like this.

My Second Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week! (I know of a “megachurch” that is called “Six Flags Over Jesus” by the locals).

Using Your Lunch Break for Personal Development. Some cool ideas to maximize time for learning.

New Caves Discovered in the Dead Sea Area. Although looters got there first.

Churches and Instrumental Music. A good, brief survey of the use of instrumental music in church worship.

The New Evernote App for IOS. If you are a Mac person and an Evernote user (like me), check this out.

My Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week! Truly hilarious!

The Country’s in the Very Best of Hands. If the current political environment has you concerned, just listen to this and be encouraged!

Friday Favorites – February 3rd Edition

What Every Guy Needs to Keep in His Car. Can you think of anything else?

How Populism Stumbles. Ross Douthat’s great column on the challenges a populist movement faces in actually governing.

The Root of the Refugee Problem. While many have rightly criticized the new administration for its clumsy roll-out of the new refugee and immigration policy, the real issue is the reckless interventionism that created this problem.

My Second Favorite Babylon Bee! Persecuted for being a Christian, or just disliked for being a jerk?

The Patriots Win the Close Ones (Usually). Cool story on how close the Patriots’s six Super Bowls have been. Who are you picking this Sunday?

Pass Me the Jazz. Try not to smile while watching this fantastic quartet from Sweden swinging!

Trump Takes Tough Line on Israeli Settlements. I did not vote for the President, and I am highly critical of many of his actions, so when he does something I agree with I want to be sure to praise him. Very interested to see how this plays out.

A Liberal Lament over the Berkeley Riots. Sadly, some of my liberal friends could not bring themselves to condemn the riots.

My Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week! Speaking of those riots….

The Lees of Old Virginia. This weekend I am playing Ben Franklin in a local production of 1776. Here is one of the signature songs from the musical. The actor playing Lee in this clip, Ron Holgate, won the Tony in 1969 for best supporting actor on the basis of this single number.

Friday Favorites

Using Google Calendar More Effectively. Some great tips for you Google Calendar people.

How Editing the Work of Others Makes You a Better Writer. After three weeks of blogging I can say that WRITING IS HARD!

Make Social Media Your Servant, Not Your Master. Some suggestions for controlling social media rather than it controlling you.

Possible New Health Care Legislation. Ross Douthat examines a new (or improved) health care proposal.

Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week! The line between satire and reality is increasingly thin.

Bad News on the Long Term Budget Picture. Sobering analysis from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

The Agrarian vs Urban Divide. Classical historian Victor Davis Hanson looks at the 2016 through the lens of his study of ancient agrarian society (HT: Amy Norris).

BAM! A great feature piece on Kentucky’s Bam Adebayo and his fantastic mother.

Best/Worst Flop Ever. Speaking of college basketball, check out this flop by Oregon’s Dillon Brooks.

Star Spangled Barbershop. Speaking of basketball, five years ago my quartet, Lunch Break, sang the national anthem at an Orlando Magic basketball game.

Friday Favorites

Here are some links from the past week that you might find interesting:

I Would Love to Crush a Chord in this Concert Hall! Or at least hear someone else perform!

Good News for Bible Thumpers Like Me. Turns out that actually believing in something is good for a church. Who would have ever thought? (Answer: God.)

Another Example of Rising Antisemitism. A German court inexplicably dismissed an act of arson against a synagogue as a protest against Israeli policy. I am a fierce critic of Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party, but arson is not a policy protest. It is an act of hatred, and an example of the growing antisemitism throughout Europe.

My Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week.  Although it strikes uncomfortably home!

Rogue One: A Classic Story of Friendship. One of the priorities I think we face as Christians today in our culture is the recovery of close friendships between singles. Rogue One features such a friendship (spoilers ahead!).

Vader Redivivus. Speaking of the Star Wars saga, have you seen this theory about Episode 8?

My Second-Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week! Everyone knows a guy like this.

The Tragic Ending of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Wrestling fans who are my age will never forget seeing (on the evening news!) the footage of Jimmy Snuka diving off of the top of the cage in Madison Square Garden against Bob Backlund. Unfortunately, like a lot of wrestlers, Snuka’s personal life was a mess. Unable to stand trial due to dementia for the killing of his girlfriend, he passed away this week from cancer.

My Hopes for the Trump Administration. One of my favorite columnists, Michael Brendan Dougherty at The Week, expresses my thoughts about the incoming administration.

Lots of Hot Air. The American Conservative columnist Rod Dreher discusses Exxon’s dishonest denial of climate change and the frustrating limits of what we can do to stem the time of global warming.



Friday the 13th Favorites


Here are my favorite links for the week.

  • Providence professor Anthony Esolen laments the state of liberal arts education in America.
  • If you are looking to be more productive in 2017, Steve Dotto has some great tools for you.
  • My favorite Babylon Bee story of the week!
  • Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan offers a prudent commentary on the Iran nuclear deal.
  • Did you know that Jane Austen wrote a collection of prayers?
  • Nice piece about the coach of the champion Clemson Tigers, Dabo Swinney.
  • The 50 countries where it is most difficult to profess the name of Christ.
  • Skip to 1:44 to watch an awesome rendition of the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B by an outstanding female a cappella group, Windsor, from a contest last fall.
  • Spot on commentary about the latest Trump/media scandal.
  • In this classic interview, the Nature Boy Ric Flair employs the modus ponens form of argument!