A Brief Defense of Traditional Christian Sexual Ethics

A good friend of mine recently asked my thoughts regarding this article, which offers a revisionist view of Christian sexual ethics (in this case, specifically with regard to same-sex issues). Over the years I have seen many articles like this which attempt to overthrow traditional orthodoxy on these highly personal and sensitive issues. I thought I would offer some brief thoughts in defense of the historical understanding of the biblical record on this topic. I want to begin with these crucial foundational principles of the Christian view of sexual ethics: Continue reading

How Do You Define “Marriage”? The Organic View vs the Synthetic View

Cosmopolitan Magazine, December 20, 2016

Two years ago today the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was a constitutional right, and that states could no longer refuse to recognize such marriages. If an alternate universe existed in which I was forbidden to marry Kristi, and then the legal landscape changed, I would be ecstatic! So the jubilation on the part of same-sex marriage proponents is something I can empathize with.

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The Inevitable Self-Destruction of Identity Politics

The Women’s March (photo from CBS News website)

During a drive through New England last year, Kristi and I stopped at an old gas station to refuel and use the restroom. The bathrooms were unisex facilities. When we got back to the car, Kristi lamented how nasty her stall was. At that point we joked that the greatest opponents to the transgender push for “bathroom equality” will eventually be feminists. Women are not going to tolerate using the same public bathrooms as men for very long!

Feminism and transgenderism are two examples of “identity politics” – political activism that revolves around social/racial/sexual identity. And right now the liberal political landscape is dominated by the politics of identity: the “Black Lives Matter” movement, the LGBTQI movement, the feminist movement, and so on. To be fair, identity politics are not exclusively leftist – on the Right there are efforts like the white nationalist movement. But identity politics are primarily a liberal  phenomena. Continue reading