What Every Guy Needs to Keep in His Car. Can you think of anything else?

How Populism Stumbles. Ross Douthat’s great column on the challenges a populist movement faces in actually governing.

The Root of the Refugee Problem. While many have rightly criticized the new administration for its clumsy roll-out of the new refugee and immigration policy, the real issue is the reckless interventionism that created this problem.

My Second Favorite Babylon Bee! Persecuted for being a Christian, or just disliked for being a jerk?

The Patriots Win the Close Ones (Usually). Cool story on how close the Patriots’s six Super Bowls have been. Who are you picking this Sunday?

Pass Me the Jazz. Try not to smile while watching this fantastic quartet from Sweden swinging!

Trump Takes Tough Line on Israeli Settlements. I did not vote for the President, and I am highly critical of many of his actions, so when he does something I agree with I want to be sure to praise him. Very interested to see how this plays out.

A Liberal Lament over the Berkeley Riots. Sadly, some of my liberal friends could not bring themselves to condemn the riots.

My Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week! Speaking of those riots….

The Lees of Old Virginia. This weekend I am playing Ben Franklin in a local production of 1776. Here is one of the signature songs from the musical. The actor playing Lee in this clip, Ron Holgate, won the Tony in 1969 for best supporting actor on the basis of this single number.