First off, my apologies for not blogging this week. I was hit hard by a cold that has just started to ease up a bit. But as your dutiful blogger, I have kept on the outlook for cool links to share!

Take Control of Facebook. Social media is overwhelming, so any tips on using shortcuts is worth the read!

A New Bible Map Viewer. Check out this new way to locate biblical sites.

Disturbing New Settlement Laws in Israel. If the US desires Israel to be a truly democratic ally, we need to call out  Netanyahu on stuff like this.

My Second Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week! (I know of a “megachurch” that is called “Six Flags Over Jesus” by the locals).

Using Your Lunch Break for Personal Development. Some cool ideas to maximize time for learning.

New Caves Discovered in the Dead Sea Area. Although looters got there first.

Churches and Instrumental Music. A good, brief survey of the use of instrumental music in church worship.

The New Evernote App for IOS. If you are a Mac person and an Evernote user (like me), check this out.

My Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week! Truly hilarious!

The Country’s in the Very Best of Hands. If the current political environment has you concerned, just listen to this and be encouraged!