Helpful Articles on Revelation by Peter Leithart

In the course of teaching Revelation this quarter one of the most helpful new resources I have found is the Peter Leithart blog at First Things. Leithart is a Reformed scholar who will soon publish a new commentary on Revelation. Since he takes the same view on the Jewish War as a key background of the book that I do, I think he is brilliant!

I have put together a list of links to some of my favorite posts of his on Revelation. Enjoy!

The Great City. Is “Babylon” Rome or Jerusalem?

Apocalyptic Porn. The harlot and her immorality.

Wine of Passion. What is the harlot’s “wine”?

City Depopulated and Repopulated. A look at Revelation 18 and the aftermath of the fall of Babylon.

Cities Ascending and Descending. The smoke of Babylon rises while the New Jerusalem comes down from above.

End of Music. The silence of the aftermath of the fall of Babylon.



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  1. I tend to favor the early date as to the writing of Revelation. However, I do not think it makes a big difference in making the right application of the main message of the book. I have summed up the main point of the book simply as “the good guys win and the bad guys lose.”

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