So much good stuff this week! But before I begin my list of favorite links, here is a special commercial message. Some time ago I told you about a fantastic company that is producing amazing, high quality videos of the land of the Bible. The folks at Appian Way are raising funds to complete this project. Check them out and consider helping them with this effort.

Now, to this week’s links!

How to Jump from a Speeding Car. You never know when this might be handy!

A Perspective on Worship vs Performance. Great thoughts that track along with a piece I recently wrote.

The GOP Health Care Plan. These numbers don’t look good, especially to those of us on the ACA plan.

Bobby Knight’s Sad Legacy. Hate can destroy a person.

My Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week!

Need Help Managing Passwords? Check this link out.

Follow-Up to the Debacle at Middlebury College. I am heartened to see more and more academics from a liberal perspective stand up to the intolerant social justice warrior crowd.

Heartwarming March Madness Story. Read this great piece about the Michigan Wolverine’s dramatic run to the Big Ten Tourney title.

Weekly Communion. This Baptist writer’s take on weekly communion is worthy of consideration (it also happens to be what I think the Bible teaches).

St. Paddy’s Day Music Special! Enjoy the Acoustix quartet’s version of “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover.” This is a clip from their gold-medal winning performance in the 1990 international competition.