Greetings from Newport News, VA! I am here this weekend to preach for the Harpersville Road congregation (and to visit with my niece!). I may not post again until the middle of next week, but until then, here are some links I found interesting:

Personalities or Ideas – Where Will Conservatives Turn? A great piece on the O’Reilly/Fox debacle by David French.

The Babylon Bee Was Oustanding Last Week. 

Interesting Info on Ancient Scrolls/Books and the Early Christians. Larry Hurtado is an expert in this filed.

Babylon Bee #2. This would be pretty awesome!

A Guide to Stopping Spam Calls.

Church Casseroles and the Food Pyramid. This may be the Bee I most relate to!

The Sad Saga of Aaron Hernandez.

Running Multiple Accounts on a Smartphone.

Advice from an Legendary Musician on How to Practice. In fact, how to practice anything!

76 Trombones Like You’ve Never Heard! I think these guys know how to practice!