I can’t believe April is nearly gone! Time is flying by, but not so fast that I couldn’t find some great links for your perusal this week!

Wendell Berry Responds to Those Who Bash the South. Actually, to those who bash rural culture regardless of its location.

The First 100 Days of the Trump Administration Could Be Worse. Ross Douthat gives a cup-half-full review of the first 100 days.

Benny Hinn Attempts Jedi Mind Tricks to Avoid IRS. The Babylon Bee has been outstanding as of late.

Securing Amazon Echo and Google Home. 

Dealing with Extremists on Both Sides of the Climate Change Issue.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Smoking Pork Butt. I like pig butts and I cannot lie.

Gallup Poll Regarding Sermon Preferences. Turns out a lot of people would like to hear the preacher use the Bible!

President Trump’s Reversal on Foreign Policy. Pat Buchanan asks who is responsible.

My Favorite Babylon Bee of the Week!

Awesome Harmony! Check out my friends in Vocal Spectrum singing a classic ballad from The Music Man.