Photo by Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Some thoughts about the weekend…

  1. Racial hatred is sinful. It is an affront to the image of God all humans share, and a denial of the gospel. This is obvious, but sometimes it is good to state the obvious. This is one of those times.
  2. The alt-right white identity movement is not merely anti-black. It is also anti-semitic and explicitly anti-Christian. This movement wants nothing to do with Christians, and we want nothing to do with it (other than to call its adherents to repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ).
  3. Those of you who love smearing the “religious right” may want to rethink this now that you are seeing what the anti-religious right looks like.
  4. The white identity movement is part of a larger problem in our country, identity politics. Identity politics is an acid that eats through everything it touches. I heartily join with those on the left and the right in condemning it. Civil society is at stake, and those who want a civil society must oppose identity politics wherever it tries to seep in.
  5. Using the symbols of the 20th century’s biggest mass murderers (like Nazi symbols in Charlottesville and Communist symbols in Seattle) to promote your case is poor marketing strategy.
  6. Partisans who regularly use grossly exaggerated political rhetoric (like “Romney is a racist” or “Obama is a Marxist”) create an environment in which genuine extremism cannot receive the censure it really does deserve.
  7. I am thankful to be part of a church family that completely subverts the hatred of the white identity movement by displaying love that is defined by grace and not race, and where the only identity that counts is being in Christ.