Job’s Despair, by William Blake

I thought I would place all of my blog posts on the Book of Job in one place in case any of you missed one of them. I would also like to recommend this commentary by Gerald Wilson, and this series of blog posts by John Mark Hicks. Both are helpful guides through the book.


Part 1: Reaping What You Sow

Part 2: The Key Question of the Book

Part 3: Are God and Satan Playing a Game with Job’s Life?

Part 4: The “Triangle of Tension”

Part 5: Job’s Breakthrough

Part 6: What Job Wants

Part 7: What To Do with Elihu?

Part 8: The Lord’s First Speech

Part 9: The Lord’s Second Speech

Part 10: Did Job Repent, or Was Job Comforted?

Part 11: The Conclusion of the Book