Sermon Series on Ephesians

Earlier this year I began preaching through the Book of Ephesians in connection with our congregational theme on unity. Ephesians might be my favorite letter of Paul’s (if we are allowed to have favorites!). I’m about half-way through, but I thought I would post links to the sermons I’ve preached so far in case any of you were interested in studying through the book.

The “Mystery” of Marriage

(This was a chapel talk I gave on February 13, 2017, at my alma mater, Florida College. I don’t know how long the link will last, but for now you can watch a Livestream of the service here).

I want to talk to you today about marriage. It seems like an appropriate time to do so – we’ve just enjoyed a great week of lectures about the topic, and it is the day before Valentine’s Day. And seven years ago today I went on the first date with my wife Kristi, so I guess marriage is on my mind.

Specifically I want to talk with you about the “mystery” of marriage – not how strange and perplexing marriage can be, though it sometimes is that! The “mystery” of marriage I have in mind is the language of the apostle Paul at the end of Ephesians 5 – Continue reading